Living experiences

Are you wandering how it feels to stay at Mkuru Training Camp?

Read the comments of people that joined us!

James, Ranger, Alpi Marittime Natural Park, Italy

I was lucky enough to see the training camp when it was just three whitewashed buildings and a fireplace, every time I've been back with my family or colleagues there's been something new, a new kitchen, the office, more showers and toilets. However, the view of Kili in the distance, the friendly welcome of the camp staff and the fantastic cooking haven't changed over the years.
Alpi Marittime staff and friends have spent a lot of time at MTC using it as a base while working with the local community on various building jobs at the Camel Camp, the local school and even a footbridge at Uwiro. The watering hole down below the camp was excavated by our friend Paolo with local helpers for the benefit of wildlife and local herds.
Whether we were working on the hot tin roof of the teachers' house or digging through mud it was good to get back to camp to clean up, have a good meal and relax among friends with a pack of cards, a book or a pair of binoculars. 
November 2012, James Beauchamp