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Are you wandering how it feels to stay at Mkuru Training Camp?

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Moe, Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

As a child I grew up in Southern Africa where my father was writing for a Japanese newspaper.
After resettling in Tokyo, I long dreamt of going back to Africa and experience it as an adult.
It took me 2 days to fly from overcrowded Tokyo to the Arusha's vast empty Maasai steppe, but as I dropped my bag in one of the Mkuru tents, I immediately felt at home and thought it really was worth the endless trip.
In my country everything is high tech, in Mkuru everything is ecofriendly - a truly stunning change from home that proved to me you can have a comfortable and clean life also far away from "star trek" toilets like we use in Japan.
The way everything was organized in an ecological friendly way, was really eye-opening, and I felt inspired with lots to learn from.
Amongst the various specialties of Mkuru, people were the most striking  for me.
The friendly relationships built between Oikos and the Meru, Masai communities enabled me to easily be in touch with the local culture.
I was privileged enough to visit some of the local schools of the Mkuru area and interacted with some classes.
Working at the Earthquake Research Institute, it was memorable for me that I could actually practice the evacuation drill together with the students who never experienced a real earthquake before despite living in a relatively seismic area.
I am very pleased that, thanks to Oikos staff, I was able to have this special cultural exchange with the cheerful children and their teachers.
Mkuru camp and the surrounding areas are truly an astonishing place where I felt so comfortable that I would like to go back there immediately.

...Next time, hopefully, I will bring with me my young nephew and niece: there is a lot to be amazed about so far away from Tokyo's skyscrapers!
August 2012, Moe Fukui