A high level
learning experience

Professional trainings with international experts, a low impact lifestyle in a wild environment and the exclusive opportunity to get to know the local Maasai, Meru and Warusha communities.

MTC Special Courses

Upcoming MTC special courses:
  • Nature, wildlife and landscape photography
  • Bird watching and monitoring

The course will approach nature, wildlife, environmental portrait and landscape photography with a hands on approach (30% theory; 70% practice).

Students will have the chance to improve their photographic skills while discovering some of the wildest living landscapes of sub-Saharan Africa: the Maasai steppe in northern Tanzania.

The course will introduce the basics of modern digital photography and the use of different types of photography and illumination techniques, focusing on:
-    How to manage different sources of light: sun, clouds, shadow and artificial light.  
-    Approaching the natural environment, wild animals and local Maasai population in particular.
-    How to organize and realize a reportage.
-    How to select and present photographic material to friends or clients.
-    File optimization and introduction to post production.  
The course will address both the use of professional and amateur equipment.
Lighting systems will be used to shoot outdoor and indoor figures and portraits.


Period: 14th July – 26th July

Number of participants
Minimum number for course activation: 6.
Maximum number of participants: 12.

Cost: 2.995,00 Euro
Flight ticket and visa are not included.

The fare includes:
All breakfasts, lunches and dinners, sleeping arrangements, parks fees, transport costs, lecture and guides fee, insurance*, donation to the community.
Flight ticket, visa, transport from the airport to the pickup point, extra soft drinks and snacks, laundry service, internet and phone costs.

*contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

The first step is to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to verify the availability.

Once the availability is confirmed, it is required to fill a participation form and to pay a 40% deposit (1.198,00 Euro).

The 60% (1.797,00 Euro) balance is due two weeks before the beginning of the course.

Enrollment must be done between the 1st of May 2013 and the 30th of June 2013.

Deposit is nonrefundable in case of cancellation. However it is possible to change the name of the participant with no additional charge.

Basic use of cameras and understanding of basic principles of photography.
Each participant is required to bring its own camera and equipment.
Additional professional equipment (lighting systems) will be at the student’s disposal.

Lecturer: Carlo Mari
Web site:

Eclectic reportage, fashion and commercial photographer who started his career with wildlife and travel reportages.
He travelled extensively across the world, but he is particularly in love with Africa.
A long lasting collaboration with “The Harvill Press” of London resulted in the publication of two important books on eastern Africa wilderness: “The Great Migration” and “Pink Africa”.

He also published many other books regarding East Africa and particularly Kenya and Tanzania: “SAFARI” ( F&T, 2002), in collaboration with Kuki Gallmann; “Animal Man” (2003); “My Africa” (2004) and “Io Maasai” (2005) a book on the Maasai population of Mkuru.

Day 1
•    Arrive in Arusha and meeting at the pickup point.
•    Drive to Mkuru Training Camp (about two hours drive).
•    Time to unpack, relax and explore the camp.
•    Introduction to the Mkuru Training Camp.
•    Discuss the week’s activities and methodology.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 2
Breakfast at MTC.
•    Lecture.
Lunch at MTC.
•    Overview of the local natural environment: the Mont Meru Ecosystem and the Maasai steppe. Lecturer: environmental expert - Istituto Oikos.
•    Short walk and shooting in the nearby Maasai boma and surrounding natural environment.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 3
Breakfast at MTC.
•    All day visit and shooting in the Arusha National Park, a worldwide famous park, particularly for its birds and monkeys populations.
Picnic in the park.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 4
Breakfast at MTC.
•    Lecture.
Lunch at MTC.
•    Overview of the local cultural environment: the Maasai people. Lecturer: senior Maasai staff of Istituto Oikos.
•    Shooting in the MTC surroundings.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 5 – 6 – 7
Safari and shooting in the Tarangire National Park, the most famous park in Tanzania for its elephant population and for its baobab.

Day 8
Return to MTC.
•    Lecture and shooting.
Lunch at MTC.
•    Lecture and shooting.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 9
Breakfast at MTC.
•    Camel safari and shooting in the surrounding Maasai villages and visit to the baboon cave, a natural cave used traditionally by Maasai for ceremonies, by bats for roosting and by baboons for sleeping during the night. Day trip together with a senior Maasai staff from area to facilitate cultural exchange with local communities.
Picnic lunch on the field.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 10
Breakfast at MTC.
•    Lecture and shooting.
Lunch at MTC.
•    Lecture and shooting.
Dinner and overnight at MTC.

Day 11
Breakfast at MTC.
•    Hike and shooting on the Oldoinyo Lendaree, the pyramid looking shape mountain overlooking the camp.
Picnic lunch on the top of the hill.
•    Packing for departure.
Dinner and overnight in Arusha.

Day 12
Breakfast and free shopping time in Arusha.