Learning and Living
at the Mkuru Training Camp

Attend courses while experiencing a low impact lifestyle in a wild environment and support local communities in their path towards sustainable development.

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Staying at MTC is an exclusive learning and living experience. You will join a melting pot of cultures in the stunning environments between Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro and help us to protect and understand the local traditions and the natural heritage.
Istituto Oikos’ experience in the area (see MTC curriculum) provides an exceptional network of reference case studies and field samples for educational activities in an environment of mutual trust, respect and collaboration with local people.
Our offer
Upon request, all programs may include volunteering experiences in the framework of the ongoing development projects. (See Ongoing Projects)
Include one or more of our 2 days courses in your visit to Tanzania!
Learn more about the local environment and culture, discover good practices for sustainable living, improve your Swahili skills or bead jewels with the Maasai women.
Design with us your unique African experience! Combine volunteering and skills development, rent the location or join us to carry on your research.
Ideal for international groups, particularly for companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.
Dedicated to national and international schools based in East Africa.
Educational camps for young students (6-18 year old) on environmental education; nature exploration; good practices for sustainable living and cultural exchange.
Discover our professional training courses held by experts of international level.
Upcoming MTC special courses: nature, wildlife and landscape photography; bird watching and monitoring.
You don’t have the chance to join MTC? You can still support environmental conservation and development, donate now!