An eco-friendly experience
in the Maasai steppe

Mkuru Training Camp is integrated with the surrounding natural and cultural system and aims to have low impact on the environment.



FOOD (unit price)

Breakfast USD 3.00
Lunch (local menu) USD 4.00
Lunch (international menu) USD 7.00 
Dinner (local menu) USD 4.00
Dinner (international menu) USD 7.00
Water 0,50 USD 1.00
Juice USD 1.50
Beer USD 2.50
Soda USD 1.50
Hot chocolate USD 1.50
Milkshake USD 2.00

ACCOMODATION (rates per person)

Accomodation SB USD 40.00
Accomodation DB USD 30.00
Accomodation Saff Room USD 15.00
Accomodation Dormitory USD 10.00
Camping Fees USD 5.00

FULL BOARD (international menu-rates per person)

Accomodation SB full board USD 57.00
Accomodation DB full board USD 47.00
Accomodation Staff Room full board USD 32.00
Accomodation Dormitory full board USD 27.00


Training room USD 35.00 per day
Car rent (excluding driver) USD 1.00 per km
Driver USD 18.00 per day
Transport Arusha-Mkuru 4WD (6 passengers) USD 100.00 per trip
Laundry per bundle USD 1.00 per piece
Internet use USD 1.00 per hour