An eco-friendly experience
in the Maasai steppe

Mkuru Training Camp is integrated with the surrounding natural and cultural system and aims to have low impact on the environment.


MTC is powered by renewable energy, solar panels provide reliable electricity for the office tasks and for the needs of the guests. 
The food is cooked on energy efficient stoves to reduce fuel use.
High quality, drinkable water is provided by a distribution system starting from a borehole situated about 2 km from camp.
Rain water is collected from the roofs and stored in tanks, together with a 10.000 l hafir water well there is enough water for cleaning and to irrigate the vegetable garden. 
A vegetable garden, beehives and a small scale poultry project contribute to the camp's food supply, keeping the impact of MTC at the lowest levels.
MTC can accommodate up to 56 people. There are eight canvas double tents on platforms and two dormitories with 14 beds each.
6 bush toilet and 8 showers are available for the guests.
Showers are provided with buckets that can be filled with hot water, thanks to a solar water heater (See Gallery).
Living and Training facilities
Embedded in the natural vegetation, a comfortable, open dining and sitting hall is the spot where guests can meet for the meals, relax while drinking a cup of tea or coffee, read and chat. The fireplace is the meeting point at night to enjoy the astonishing sky and the deep silence of the savannah.
The training room is provided with flip charts, black board, benches and seats for the training activities. It is equipped with plugs, computers and a projector and it can host up to 30 trainees (See Gallery).
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