A field station
in the Maasai Steppe

The following page provides a summary of the main cooperation projects, training and research activities implemented by Istituto Oikos and its local partners in the Meru-Kilimanjaro ecosystem. These experiences are at the roots of the Mkuru Training Camp establishment and guided its development.

Research & Collaboration with Universities

Since 2003 MTC has hosted many researchers carrying on projects on different aspects of natural resource management and cultural anthropology/sociology. Here follows a list of the main agreements signed with Universities and Bachelor, Master’s and PhD Thesis realised at Mkuru Training Camp.

  • University of Turin, Department of Geology (Master of Science - Research project on hydrology)
  • University of Insubria, Department of Informatics and Communication (Master of Science - Research project on Maasai pastoralists, contributing to the preparation of the book "Io Maasai, perdo la mia terra")
  • University of Milano Bicocca, Master in Water and Land management in Developing countries ( Master of Science – several Research projects on hydrology)
  • Bocconi University,  Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance (Research project on renewable energies).
  • University College of London (UCL) Master in Global Governance and Ethics (Research project on traditional beadings among Maasai and the constitution of Maasai Women Art group)
  • University of Bologna, Master of Science in Conservation and Management of Natural resources (Research project on the management of the Naging'oro forest)
  • European Institute of Design (traineeship on jewellery design, in cooperation with Maasai Women Art group)
  • Centre for Student Tourism of Rome, Master in Responsible Tourism (research project on Mkuru Camel Safari Cultural Tourism Program)

University courses:

  • ITC Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (The Netherland). Five days course at MTC for 20 people, including students and professors from Europe, Kenya and Tanzania(2005).
  • University of Veterinary Medicine, Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology. Prof Chris Walzer participated, as instructor and researcher, to the course organised by Istituto Oikos on small carnivores for 15 students. (2006)